Bonfire Tribe


Bonfire Tribe exists to serve those who are:

  • Creators, thinkers, and visualizers of what our world could be
  • Motivated to live and work in alignment with their deeper selves
  • Tired of doing business in the same ol’ way
  • Inspired to live their best life and are willing to work for it
  • Looking for inspiration, community, and possibilities




Bonfire Tribe supports the expansion and creation of life-enriching and effective business practices, designed to meet the real needs of all involved.


Bonfire Tribe envisions a world where business and nonprofits can thrive while enriching life and community in every decision and action.


Bonfire Tribe’s purpose is to educate, engage, imagine, learn, and evolve to facilitate the emergence of a world where life and business are mutually supportive.

Bonfire Tribe Believes:

There is a better way
Most people agree the way we’re working isn’t working. And yet, it is hard to operate in ways that are truly in alignment with our sense of humanity and values, because it is against the grain of “how business is done.” However, we can do this. We can work and live in ways that support the health and vitality of ourselves, families, employees, customers, and communities, and create meaningful relationships and connections.
The world deserves and needs our best
Our planet, social systems, and economies are out of equilibrium. We need our most brilliant and vibrant selves to be stepping up to the challenge of creating a new world that works for everyone.  This is not a time the status quo will serve the greater good, much less ourselves or our families. Our full humanity is being called to step forward into courageous action.
Our "intractable" problems are often structural and of our own making; we can change them
All too often we accept the status quo as the way life is. However, the rules that define how money and markets work are simply human constructs. The world is not the way it is, because it has to be. It is the way it is, because we’ve made it so and so we can make it again in different ways that actually serve ourselves and the stakeholders involved.
We all thrive when we are free to be fully ourselves
Each of us are complex and flawed people with our own brilliance and ability. We are a mixed package of light and dark, good and not-so-good. We are human. When we try to supress our own flawed humanity, we also limit our strengths. If we cannot fail, we cannot be creative. If we cannot rest, we cannot ever be full of our truest fire. Our best comes with our messiness.
Our soulful values and creativity are good and trustworthy guides
There are many ways of knowing what is real and right. We tend to believe our analytical minds and reason the only true knowing, but the solo path of the mind is full of pitfalls. We can make “sense” of things that we know in our hearts are wrong. As we move forward to create the world we want for ourselves, our families, and communities, we need to invite our other ways of knowing to be a part of how we conciously operate.

Sarah Toney

Bonfire Tribe Founder

Sarah is an innovative business leader, executive coach, and group facilitator. She has worked at executive level leadership positions for over 12 years and in marketing for 16 years, plus many additional years in customer service.

As a leader and communicator, she builds community, meaningful connection, and cultures of growth and excellence. She has also created and led the implementation of visionary strategic plans and has created innovative HR management programs to optimize small business operations for team cohesion, individual satisfaction and successful business outcomes.

Sarah is a certified Executive Coach and specializes in helping her clients to expand their capacity to operate powerfully in the world through deepening their own developmental potential. As an executive and entrepreneur, she understands the courage, resilience and wisdom required to be a powerful leader of an organization, large or small. She facilitates group coaching programs, as well as individual coaching engagements. She is certified through the prestigious New Ventures West organization, where she is also adjunct faculty.

Sarah has developed an innovative and powerful 6­-month program for women’s leadership development, The Women’s Wisdom Course. This course facilitates each person’s unique journey to find their voice, power and internal wisdom. This course helps participants to find their own center or foundation from which to develop into their true potential, creating shifts in personal and professional lives. This course can be powerful on its own with groups within organizations, community groups, or individuals, as well as an adjunct to a 1:1 coaching engagement.

Sarah started her career in Developmental Biology as a researcher at UC San Diego, later moving into technical sales and marketing of robotics used in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries. After earning her MBA, she began a small business to experiment in creating a people-­centered business model that respects, supports and nourishes each individual involved, including employees, customers, management and the greater community. Her café (and satellite locations) became a deep and flourishing community, which she eventually sold to pursue her deepest passion – community and leadership development. Leadership development within her company was always Sarah’s highest priority, because she understands that individual empowerment creates positive team dynamics, as well as great execution of business priorities.

Sarah is concurrently the Development Director of a music therapy nonprofit, which is also community-­centered and focused on developing individual human potential. As a Development Director, she is responsible for revenue generation through multiple streams and is a unique opportunity for Sarah to explore the confluence of connection, community and the creation of a sustainable business model supporting individual growth and inclusion for marginalized populations.

Sarah believes in the importance of powerful leadership, authenticity, vision, resilience and courage to create a beautiful world for us all. These are all skills and capacities that can be learned and deepened into. We already contain the raw ingredients of wisdom and courageous action. We only need to start on our own path of discovery to know it to be true for ourselves.

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