Enough is Enough

It is already enough to be here, to be alive and human.

You don’t need any other justification for being here as an equal. You don’t have to fight for your place. There is enough room. There is enough love and safety and peace.

Perhaps it doesn’t feel like it right now. Maybe you’ve never felt safe your whole life and just these few words may not actually be enough to change your mind.

You don’t have to believe me now. This may not be the miracle you’ve been waiting for.

But that doesn’t mean these words aren’t enough. These words may be enough to start the small cascade of events, thoughts and changes that will actually change your life. Most likely that cascade of events has already been triggered somewhere else, and I have the privilege of being just one of the thousands of sets of hands that will be a part of your journey.

That is enough for me; to simply be a small step on your path, as you crowd surf through life, regardless of your awareness of all these thousands of hands holding you. They are.


I am not speaking to someone else who has something inherent and special that you do not have. You, as you are, are enough.